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Spectacular Summer Draw | Pilgrims Hospices

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Summer is here! Enter the Pilgrims HospicesSpectacular Summer Draw and brighten up your day! With the launch on 10 June, the distribution of the packs has begun and with tickets going to more than 36,000 individuals this is already the biggest summer draw we have done.Tickets, on sale for 1 each, have been sent to Pilgrims Hospices supportersandmore are available by calling 01227 379741. Potential winners have until Tuesday 27thAugust to ensure their entry is in with a chance of winning 3,000, 750 or 250. You could even win one of the 30 day Fast Entry prizes, but get your entries in quick, the fast entry cut off date is review 15th July. Plus, if all the tickets sent out to an individual are sold they could win 200 in our Super Seller draw. The main draw will take place on Monday 2ndSeptember 2013 what would you spend 3,000 on? The proceeds from the draw will go towards the 10.5 million Pilgrims Hospices must raise each year to offer services free of charge to patients and their families across east Kent.A massive 90,000 was raised in the Christmas Draw and,with your help,weare hoping to raise even more with this very special spectacular. * For moreinformation on the Pilgrims Hospices Spectacular Summer Draw or about the Pilgrims Hospices Lottery call Shiralee Riddell on 01227 379741 or email shiralee.riddell@pilgrimshospices.org for more details.
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